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Basic information: 
Typical material : BK7, Fused Silica                                                      Mass production leading time: 4-5weeks
Factory: ISO9001                                                                                  Samples: Free samples offered 
Sevice: OEM & ODM                                                                             Package: As request
experience: 18 years                                                                             Specification: As request
Port: Fuzhou Port                                                                                  Original: China

Quartz products is demonstrated using two planar substrates and homogeneous liquid crystal (LC) layer
Top substrate has slit electrodes on its outer surface and the bottom has a transparent electrode 
on its inner surface
An applied voltage across the cell induces cylindrical-like gradient refractive index 
within the LC layer which causes light to focus focal length is tunable by the applied voltage
Such a cylindrical lens can be easily fabricated with wide aperture size

----Telecommunication System
----Laser Measurement System
----Scan System

Attribute Commercial High Precision
Typical Material BK7 BK7 , Fused Silica
Typical Dimension X*Y (mm) 10*10 10 * 30
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +0.00/-0.2 +0.00/-0.2
Focus Length Tolerance(mm) Typical +/-2%@633nm Typical +/-2%@633nm
Centration ( arc min) Typical  < 3 Typical  < 3
Surface Figure X (per 25mm@632.8nm) 1 /2  1/4
Surface Figure Y(per 25mm@632.8nm) λ
Surface Quality (scatch/dig) 60-40 10-5
Bevel (face width * 45° mm) 0.2--0.5 0.05-0.2
coating wavelength:AR: R≤0.25% per surface broadband AR R≤0.5% per surface

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