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Metrology Instrumentation  


O-zone Optics  instrumentation includes the most advanced phase measuring interferometry, which allows us to manufacture optics better, quicker, and more cost effectively. Most importantly, it will help us to meet customers’ every expectations.

Equipment and Facilities                                             

Zygo & CGH & Lens-MT500

4” ZYGO GPI XP/D Completely


with varies


4" Flat Transmission, 1/40 Wave;

4" Sphere Transmission

F/0.75,F/1.5/,F/3.3/F7.1/F10.7, 1/20 Wave

For measuring cylindrical surface, CGHs are specially designed.

4" CGH F1.5,/F3.3,F/6,1/20 Wave


Lens-MT500 is a PC-based Optical Test Stationdesigned to accurately measure the optical parameters of lenses and optical assemblies. Lens-MT is modular and upgradeable. Itcovers a large range of applications and provides fast and

reliable test results of almost all optical parameters:

Effective Focal Length (EFL)

Back Focal Length (BFL)

Radius of Curvature (R)

Flange Focal Length (FFL)



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